Join the fight to keep co-op rates low and join the U-Shift, U-$ave program. The program shifts the use of participating electric water heaters, heating and cooling units, and other equipment to off-peak hours when electricity is less expensive. Over 10,000 members have helped save over $22 million in avoided power purchases. More participants mean more savings. Let’s keep bills low for everyone – join us!



There are four U-Shift initiatives:U shift U save



Shifting your use means the co-op doesn’t need to buy power during expensive peak demand periods. It also reduces pollution from power plants that operate during peak periods. Call 888/232-6732 to learn more about adding a U-Shift switch in your home and join the fight to keep rates low!


Shift your use and save



U-Shift (Water Heating)

Adams Electric works with its members to reduce the demand for electricity during times when the demand and cost of electricity is the highest. This is done mainly by asking members to allow the cooperative to shift electricity use for their electric water heaters to off-peak times. Over 10,000 co-op members have voluntarily allowed a switch to be installed, free of charge (a $215 value) on their electric water heaters. You may have a switch installed on a new or existing water heater, and in return -- receive a water heater rebate and monthly $10 credit ($5 for heat pump water heaters). Sign-up online.

water heater program




U-Shift (Air Conditioning)

Allow a U-Shift switch to be installed on your heat pump or central air conditioner...at no cost to you (a $215 value)...and help curb high summer energy costs. In addition, earn $30 as Adams Electric passes along to you a seasonal incentive (paid as a $10 bill credit for each of the months of June, July and August). The switch will cycle the compressor on your heat pump or central air unit on and off throughout the hottest weekday afternoons. During this time, the fan will continue to run to help maximize comfort.


AC program



U-Shift (Turn Off, Turn Up)

Members are asked to conserve energy by shifting their use of major appliances to before 1 p.m. and after 7 p.m. on hot weekday afternoons. This decreases the use of electricity during high energy demand periods, which in turn helps keep electric rates low. No sign up or switch is necessary – anyone can help out!

Specifically, members are encouraged to:

  • Move the use of air conditioners, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, pool pumps and dehumidifiers to early morning or late evening through the week.
  • Try grilling instead of heating up your oven for dinner.
  • Take shorter showers during 'on-peak' times.
  • Set thermostats to 78 degrees or above.
  • Turn off unnecessary lighting.

turn off turn up



U-Shift (Off Peak Rate)

Install a separate subpanel (at your expense) and receive a U-Shift rate that is approximately 38 percent lower than the regular residential rate for anything connected to it. Keep in mind, anything hooked to the subpanel may be interrupted during times of peak demand. The off-peak meter is installed on your subpanel for free. Shown in the picture, you can also plug-in other household equipment in the sub panel. Just do not connect anything that cannot have power interrupted to it (ex. deep freezer).

off peak rare


**Note: Adams Electric cannot guarantee the duration or extent of any periods of interruption due to the ever-changing nature of electrical demand on the power grid that provides power to the co-op’s substations and metering points. Members participating in the U-shift incentives must understand that periods of interruption can be extended without notice due to unforeseen circumstances on Adams Electric’s distribution system and the energy supply grid.