Time Of Day Rate

Time Of Day Rate

Adams Electric provides a rate incentive to those who can shift most of their electricity use to off-peak hours — after 7 p.m. and before 7 a.m. on weekdays or any time on major holidays and weekends.

Members on time-of-day (TOD) pay less for electricity used during off-peak hours and a higher rate for power used during on-peak hours. The on-peak rate is higher during the months of June through August than during the rest of the year. The off-peak rate stays the same year-round.

Can you save with TOD?

The average member uses 60 percent of his or her electricity off-peak and 40 percent on-peak already. If you are a residential account with average household demand and can make a few lifestyle changes, you could be a good candidate for TOD. Look at the list below; the more that apply to you, the more you may benefit from the rate.

  • I don’t use central air conditioning.
  • I work full-time during the day on weekdays.
  • I have fewer than four people living in my household full-time.
  • I can run the washer and dryer during off-peak hours.
  • I can put a timer on my electric water heater.
  • I can operate my electric stove or oven off-peak.
  • I can keep most of the lights off in my home during on-peak hours.

If you are interested in using the Time-of-Day rate, please call 888/232-6732.

*Information as of 1-2015. Subject to change.