The board of directors voted in July 2018 to expand (from 37 to 45) the number of scholarships given to adult members and the children of members through the Adams Electric scholarship program. The changes will also better allocate scholarships to where they are needed with the introduction of two new scholarship programs – one for high school seniors specifically pursuing vocational/technical careers and one for students already enrolled as undergraduate students in college.

Honoring the Cooperative Principle of Concern for Community, Adams is looking forward to growing its program and further supporting the future leaders of our service territory in Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, Perry and York counties.

Adams Electric has awarded more than $280,000 in scholarships since 2008. To-date, 224 high school seniors and 103 adult members have received a post-secondary education scholarship from the co-op. Scholarships are not supported through rates, but the return of unclaimed Ownership Rewards.

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Below are common requirements across the board for all Adams Electric Scholarships:

  1. The recipient shall be allowed to retain their scholarship for one year from the date of selection, even if they have dropped or are auditing courses if they are still incurring expenses equal to or greater than the amount of the scholarship. Scholarship funds are dispersed in $500 increments per semester, directly to the school a recipient will attend.

  2. All scholarships shall be in effect for one year from the date they are approved by the board of directors.

  3. Adams Electric Cooperative employees, directors, scholarship committee members and previous Adams Electric scholarship recipients are not eligible.

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